2nd donation arrived at Kibera

The second donation effort that took place during Christmas brought some more smiles to the little angels of our beloved school.  We are under difficult times in Greece but the truth of the matter is that these kids (like so many others) live in beyond poverty level. Some close fiends help us and we sent a small donation to the school right before New Years. A week ago I was happy to receive an email from George Jarona with the stuff they bought together with some photos. Meet  Phabian Ouma, Fidel Otieno, Sean Chuchu and Sarah Akoth.

Here is the email that George sent us

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Your efforts and support to maintain Brainstorm School, makes us have smiles,  work harder to provide basic quality education and to develop in all aspects. The support is bringing out a  great change to these young angles we have and the institution too. .In fact, it makes Brainstorm shine and be the star in performance and all aspects.

I, George Jarona wishes to inform you that  i received Kshs 18,462.90 on 29-12-2010.These made me smile and was so thankful for this efforts  and support you are making towards education we are offering to the kids.Congratulations for your efforts!

I presented this amount to the committee and these are what we bought:

1.3 Chairs @ 300/=————————-900/=

2. 1 carton exercise [email protected] 3,600/=

3. 3 Registers @ 30/=———–90/=

4. 1 English Aid bk [email protected]/=

5. 1 Integrated Primary bk [email protected] 260/=

6. 1 Kiswahili Mufti [email protected] 350/=

7. Primary Science 1 @300/=

8. Primary Social Studies 1 @ 300/=

9. Learning Mathematics @300/=

10. 1 Small steel box @1,000/=

All these amounted to Kshs.7,350/=

Others were:

[email protected]/=—————–2,400/=

[email protected]/=—————–1,500/=

[email protected],000/=———–3,000/=

4 pairs of socks @140/=——560/=

4 pairs of [email protected]/=——2,800/=

1 tunic [email protected]/=————-850/=


We therefore used Kshs 18,460/=

I hereby alert you that i purchased the uniform for the four children you can see in the photos. They are partial/ total  orphans and we are aiming at buying for the rest full school uniform for uniformity and easy identification reasons.These children are namely from the left: Phabian Ouma, Fidel Otieno, Sean Chuchu and Sarah Akoth.

Am so grateful for the efforts in making us have a positive change.

Kindly receive greetings from the children, teachers, school committee and the community at large.Welcome back to Brainstorm this year.

Thank you.

George Jarona

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