Anthony Ethan Lotsos Day care



At our son first birthday in June we decided to do a party and we invited our friends.

We sent them an invitation with a written note that Anthony Ethan Lotsos wants to invite them at his birthday party and he would like no gifts because he has plenty. But he would really appreciate  if instead of gifts they would give 10 euros each for his friends, the little kids at Brainstorm school in Kibera, so the they can get toys and food and books 

So they did, and we gathered the amount of 360 euros. George Jarona the headmaster and the driving force for all these kids, received this money and distributed them according to the needs of the school as we have agreed. He also sent us the report you see below where he describes everything. All our friends were filled with joy  seeing that they were able to help the kids of the school.

Few days later George informed me that they have a Day care class where all the kids that their parents work can stay eat, play and sleep while waiting for their parents. He told me that they had decided to name the class Anthony Ethan Day care class. We were overwhelmed. I know he is too young to realise what has happened on his behalf but hopefully he will one day be old enough and able to offer a helping hand himself.

Have a look to the latest reports from our school here

Regards from Arusha…


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