At the great plains of Serengeti (part one)

We have returned from Tanzania more than three weeks ago and the images are still popping in my head. I want to write about this overwhelming experience but i do not know where to start. Even now as i am typing i am not sure which direction should i go.  Should i make it more as a diary describing my every day events or should i go more general describing the whole safari as an experience?
Instead of trying to decide which way to go, I ll start and i will let it come to me naturally.

some thoughts on the preparation of our trip.

The trips to Africa always make us both (claudia and myself) super excited. Ok there is the difficult part of preparing the whole trip. No matter how many safaris we have done, we are always faced with the complexity of the new facts. But on the other hand we are more relaxed because we have take one factor out of the equitation. And this is our safari company. Andbeyond is the company of our choice and it has been like that since the beginning of our African adventure, back in 2007. South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, and now Tanzania, Andbeyond has passed all the tests with flying colors. Both of us being photographers means in one hand that we are not the average safari customers and on the other hand it puts more pressure to the company, as servicing guests is one thing, servicing photographers is another. (more on this later).
So having the search of a company out of the equitation is good but still we had to solve other issues.
For the european standards we considered ourselves experts in the african bush. (of course this is far from the truth). But spending the last 6 years of your life watching and reading everything that has to do with african wildlife makes you kind feel this way. Literally  our house TV doesn’t play any greek channels the last 6 years. Claudia is not greek which helps but honestly i always thought very low of greek tv so taking it out of my life was easy. Anyway  National Geographic,NG Wild, Discovery, Animal Planet were always in our lives,  it is just that the last six years they are consuming our daily routine more than ever. We have been fascinated by the stories of the wild cats, (we even know their names :-) ), the documentaries about wildlife conservation, everything that has to do with nature and wildlife.
Still every place, every trip brings new challenges. This time in Tanzania was to search anything that we did not already know about the Great Migration.
On top of that we are photographers so there is an extra research for this.
I mean for us, travel to Africa, safari, photography, are all one thing. You can not do one without the other. Some might argue and say that the travel is the most essential since without it there is not any of the other two. Maybe so but the truth of the matter is  that the passion to photograph nature’s magical displays is what ignites in the first place the birth of the trip.

To get back on the preparation of the trip. The goal was to track the great migration. It was early march and according to the annual circle of the great migration, the biggest migratory herds should be at the Ndutu plains. That is where we had to go. Of course reading the migratory map is one thing, tracking and actually seeing the great migration is another.
We have seen so many documentaries about the great migration that we were almost prepared of what to expect. Or so we thought.
more to come

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