At the Serengeti plains (part two)

It took us three planes from Zanzibar to finally land to the ndutu airstrip. From there our lodge was less than half an hour drive. Like all lodges of andbeyond that i have been at, the serengeti under canvas (suc) was love at first sight. Most of the camps we have stayed are unfenced meaning that there is no restrictions to the movement of the animals even within the lodge’s territory (picture above shown main tent for breakfast/ lunch).That was the case with suc but with only a “small” difference.

Suc is a mobile tented camp which means that you stay in tents with minimum electricity and no running water. It was our first experiance in a more authentic traditional style african safari. Being in andbeyond lodge means that location, service, and luxury level are all top notch and suc was no exception.

our tent

The staff at suc made sure that we had our water buckets filled evefy day. There was electrical power supply during the day and night but since it was running on generators you had to be logical on the consuption.

There were no electrical sockets on the tent which is basically the only downside i found. Still the staff offered to take all of our equipment (camera baterries, chargers, laptops) to charge them whenever was needed (and that was twice a day). A bit inconvenient but it worked.

The tent itself had a double bed with ensuite flush toilet and an outside (attached to the tent) shower. All in all it was a high level tent camp.

We arrived at 13.00 pm. We got situated in the tent had lunch, some coffee and then off to the safari.

Andbeyond had arranged for us to have our own private vehicle and guide so we can do our photography undisturbed.

part of tent’s interior

sitting area

Here I’ll have to mention  a few things.

There are two types of safari game drives.

The safari drives that are the most common and are offered by the majority of the companies are conducted with shared vehicles. All the vehicles that are used in africa for the safaris in the most advanced lodges are 6-9 seated (2-3 seats in 3 raws) land rovers or land cruisers. This means that you can be with as much as another 8 people in the same vehicle. Most well regarded companies they do not put more than 6 people (2 per raw) so you can always have a window view. In real world situations this means that in lets say 4 days safari which means 8 games drives you can be by yourself in some games or with another 5 to 8 people in some others drives depending on how full are the camps.

The second type is the photography safaris. These are specialized safaris that are tailor made for photographers. The main difference is that they offer you a free raw to yourself (so one person in every raw) which means that you have free access to both side windows all the time. The other very important thing is that since you share the vehicle with photographers the key point of the whole drive is how to best help you take the photos you want. This often means that you will stay in the same spot much longer, you can follow the lion pride for as much as you want (until maybe you get the award winning photo), you will be positioned according to the light, things that if you are a passionate or a pro photographer can make the difference.

more to come

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