Bosporus strait

 Bosporus strait connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara and separates Europe from the Anatolian peninsula of western Asia. 

I was in Istanbul last May in a business trip. I had a very early morning meeting so I got up from bed while it was still dark. I had spot this place the day before but i could barely squeeze 30 minutes in my schedule to go there set my tripod and take a couple of long exposures. But I went and I did exactly that. Two shots. Here is the color one and I kept it in color because it was almost monochromatic. I will show you later the other comp in b&w. Hope you like them both.

3rd Place IPA 2012


What can I say. I got the email friday night letting me know that I won a third place at the INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. Wow! It has been a great year so far. A 1st place (wildlife) and a photographer of the year at Spider Awards, a gold prize at the PX3 awards(nature/trees) and now a 3rd place at the IPA 2012 (people) with 5 Honorable Mentions as well. Can’t complain :)

A year ago I wanted to find me a suitable title to describe what I do in photography. So I came up with Fine art photographer specializing in wildlife, nature, people. a year later and i feel …well covered :)

Spider awards gave me 1st place in Wildlife, Px3 gave me first place in Nature and now IPA a third place in People. I feel I am on the right track.

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Published in “Photographos” Mag


“Photographos” Magazine is out with one of my Masai photos at the cover and a big story inside:)

I was very happy today when I picked up “Photographos” magazine. I have the cover photo and an amazing 18 (yes eighteen) pages spread with a huge interview and lots of my images. It’s all about Africa and I got to tell you that the stuff in the magazine did a great job. From the quality of the photos and the interview to the beautiful lay out they did. Those of you who speak Greek you should check it out and let me know what do you think :)

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Elephant’s camouflage

Digging up old photos I found this one from 2007. It was shot at sabi sands in Kruger National park in South Africa. It is quite different from my recent work based solely on the minimalism (and the lack of it here). But i really like it as it has a very appealing context for me and shows how different the wildlife habitat  can be. At this part the vegetation was very dense.  From savanna to bush and to forest, african wildlife habitat can be very diverse.  Hope you like it!

Zanzibar. White paradise II

Playful moments at the Spice island. From my portfolio collection Zanzibar living.

Gold award at PX3

Like I wasn’t happy enough with the win at spider awards, the baby had kept another gift for its dad. A couple of days before he was born, Px3 announced the winners of this year’s competition.

With my series “Savanna” I got the first place with a gold award in the category Nature/Trees.

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Spider Awards. Reaching for the stars


What a night it was….

Saturday night I was in a G+ hangout with +Emmanuel Coupe +Konstantinos Vasilakis and +Mary Kay  following the Web photo show of the most prestigious black and white awards in photography. The Spider Awards.

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Zanzibar. White Paradise I

Playful times at Zanzibar”s white paradise. Part of a series.

Nikon AFS 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR in Istanbul.

Istanbul. View from Pera.

Besides the nikon V1 that I had with me in Istanbul, I was also carrying  the nikon d700 with the AFS 28-300 f/3,5-5.6 VR G. So basically it was one camera one lens set up. Pretty simple. The idea was to see how the lens performs in various situations.  From long exposure seascapes to classic street photography. But is it an one lens do it all?

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Nikon V1 in Istanbul

f/8 1/125 iso 100

While in Istanbul, I had the opportunity to shoot with the nikon 1 V1 for a few days. The V1 has a 10mp (2.7x crop),  has a 5 fps frame rate, a very powerful phase detection autofocus system, a built-in EVF (ala DSLR), lots of video features all built into a highly compact body. A very fascinating little camera!

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Santiago Calatrava – Velodrome

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Santiago Calatrava – Athens Olympic Stadium.

Architectural long exposures at the Olympic Stadium in Athens.

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The Guards of Meteora



The Guards of Meteora

The Natural History Museum and the BBC Wildlife magazine run every year the Veolia Environment competition one of the most famous competitions for nature and wildlife.

I was pleased to receive a notification that this image has reached the finals in the “Wildscapes” category and it will be competing for the big awards. :)

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D800 (and D700) raw samples and first impressions.

Some tests shots with the d800 and a few lenses. D700 was also in the game for some quick comparisons. Fellow photographer and great landscaper Konstantinos Vasilakis and I met in a beach near by my house.  The camera was given to us from phototeam’s (  train photographer SpirosN who brought the first d800 in Greece.

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International Loupe Awards

The news were good from the International Loupe awards as I received 1 silver award in the wildlife category and 3 bronze awards at the categories oaf people and portrait. 

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