Exhibition at Dark Room Gallery



I have good news to share as two of my images will be exhibited in the Dark Room gallery in Vermont, USA. It is a group exhibition with monochromatic images by artists from all over the world 

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Gear sale


Ολα τα προς πώληση προιοντα ειναι απο την προσωπική μου συλλογή :) η οποία έχει μεγαλωσει αρκετα και επειδη τα περισσοτερα δεν χρησιμοποιουνται εδω και πολυ καιρο (και πιάνουν και χώρο στα ντουλάπια) ειπα να τα βγάλω προς πωληση.

Πιθανον να μπουν και μερικα κομματια ακομη. Σε οποιο κομματι δεν υπαρχει φωτο θα μπει αμεσα. 

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Marmot Halo 4p tent. First impressions.


In our last trip in Pindos mountain our shelter of choice for four nights was the Marmot halo 4p tent. We did not experience any rain (only slight) but we had low temperatures and the last day when the temp dropped at 0 degrees Celsius  we had ice covering everything. The tent is listed as a three season tent but it held its own with no problem whatsoever.

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Masters Cup nominations



I was happy to receive an email accompanied with the following press release from Photography Masters cup.

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Meteora. The color take.


I had to send some photos to TPOTY  competition in the category of “natural elements”. They did not allow photos that had previously won any kind of prize in other international competitions so my black and white images from Meteora had to be excluded. Therefore I decided to work some images of this series in color.

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Bronze winner at PX3

I got some good news accompanied with the following press release from PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris.

WINNER OF PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris

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Ngorongoro crater. The Noah’s Ark.

The steep slopes of an ancient, extinct volcano in northern Tanzania, covered with a tangle of wild plants betray little of what lies inside the crater walls. On the crest of the crater the landscape changes dramatically. 600m below you can see the giant flat bowl which forms the crater floor.  This is the Ngorongoro crater, also known as “the garden of eden” or “the cradle of life”. This where the last part of our trip took us.

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Last day in Serengeti. Close encounters.

The last day on the Serengeti didn’t disappoint us; it just added one more great experience for us.

The previous night we heard the lions roaring all night again. So when we started the safari in the morning we knew where to go. Claudia who is slowly becoming a keen trekker suggested to go behind the camp where she thought the lions would be found. Cyst agreed with the princess and started looking for them, less than half an hour later, there they were.

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Serengeti. Following the Migration (part four)

During the day we noticed that the big migratory herds have moved from the area we saw them yesterday and they had mostly disappear. Before that and during the morning drive, we spotted two female lionesses with their cubs moving through the mush playing with us hide and seek behind the tall grass.

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Serengeti. Meeting the Great Migration. (part three)

Andbeyond had appointed us a guide driver, Cyst,  that happened to be a passionate photographer himself (and a very good one) which made our quest even easier.

So it was 4pm when we started our first drive to the endless (serengeti) plains. Half ah hour drive away from the camp and, voila! Wildebeasts are everywhere left and right, around you and as far as the eye can see.  We were in the middle of the great migration. What a sight! What i was dreaming to see so many years it was finally taking place in front of my eyes. We were overwhelmed with joy.

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At the Serengeti plains (part two)

It took us three planes from Zanzibar to finally land to the ndutu airstrip. From there our lodge was less than half an hour drive. Like all lodges of andbeyond that i have been at, the serengeti under canvas (suc) was love at first sight. Most of the camps we have stayed are unfenced meaning that there is no restrictions to the movement of the animals even within the lodge’s territory (picture above shown main tent for breakfast/ lunch).That was the case with suc but with only a “small” difference.

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At the great plains of Serengeti (part one)

We have returned from Tanzania more than three weeks ago and the images are still popping in my head. I want to write about this overwhelming experience but i do not know where to start. Even now as i am typing i am not sure which direction should i go.  Should i make it more as a diary describing my every day events or should i go more general describing the whole safari as an experience?
Instead of trying to decide which way to go, I ll start and i will let it come to me naturally.

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New Year’s rewind

Eδώ και καιρό λέω να καθήσω να γράψω ενα ποστ για τις ολιγοήμερες διακοπές που κάναμε την πρωτοχρονιά, αλλά χρόνος δεν υπήρχε. Από την άλλη, σε λίγο θα ερχόταν το Πάσχα και εγώ θα έκανα ποστ για την πρωτοχρονιά?  Δεν λέει…Κάθησα λοιπόν εχθές για να φτιάξω μερικες απο τις φωτογραφίες που τράβηξα για να τις δουν και κάποιοι φίλοι που είμασταν παρέα.

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Glory lake

Lake doxa is an artifial lake located in Feneos in Korintnia. It is surrounded by forrest  heavily dense on the north side overlooking Helmos mountain. It is truly an amazing place to be at. These shots were taken during sunrise between 6-9 am in two morning shoot outs. The lake has various spots with great backdrops where you can take advantage of the glorious morning light.

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..then we take Berlin

This is an older post but I worked again with some photos and I added a few more. I was in Berlin few months back for a business trip. Although it was pretty busy I managed to devote some hours to photography. I was fascinated by the architecture and I was mostly shooting buildings looking for forms and shapes. The city’s appearance today is predominantly shaped by the key role it played in Germany’s history in the twentieth century.

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