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Whenever you have 10 min free and you want to fly your mind through photos and music to the  majestic wilderness of Masai mara and to the shocking slum of Kibera,  have a look at a slideshow from out trip to Kenya . You have to see it with the sound turned on so make sure you boss is not around. :)

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My Int’l Photography Awards?

Climbing up the stairs, I can barely catch my breath, I can hear my heart beats almost as loud as the clapping of the crowd. sweat dripping down my forehead, Oh …God I can’t even remember if I got my notes, what should I do I can’t remember a thing, what should I say,… my thought went blank. I ran my hands down my pockets I got it….thank god I got it.

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Hallo mother Africa….

Screen shot 2010-06-01 at 3.23.07 AM

I am so excited, you can not imagine. Tomorrow I fly back to Africa.

It has been already two and a half years after my last trip to motherland.  Too long for those who know me. But tomorrow I ll be back.

We had a week to go somewhere. And whenever an opportunity like this comes we always ask each other. Can we go to Africa?

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A Paris..

_DFX7350 - Version 2

Des milliers des milliers et des milliers d’années

Ne sauraient suffire pour dire

La petite seconde d’éternité

Où tu m’as embrassé

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So, finally I got my feet wet.  Last Sunday it was my first shooting in location that i had a chance to use all my lighting equipment in one shooting.

My friend Sofi had a photography project for her school and  when she asked me to be involved…I was excited,  to say the least.

We had to scout 2 locations before we end up on some old houses ruins on the way to cape Sounio. She did a terrific job organizing everything to the last detail. Wardrobes, make-up, model, assistants all were taken care off . She even pose quite a few times with great success just to make me realize that girls are probably born wih that.

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Townships. A Dark side in CapeTown’s beauty

Townships throughout South Africa reflect the impact of the racist policies of segregation that have affected the majority of South Africans since the earliest days of colonialism.

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Review: ThinkTank Airport TakeOff

_DFX6267 - Version 2

Well for start let me just admit that i have an issue with bags.  To be a litlle more specific I ll say that I buy bags quite often.

I could end it here but since I have a list of bags in my profile it’s better to be completely open with you. So, in plain words I think I own more photography bags than my wife does handbags.

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Expose to the right (greek version)


@David Duchemin

The reasoning for this article came from a simple question one guy asked in one forum. He  asked “My camera (nikon) constantly overexposes when i shoot raw. Is there something wrong with my camera?

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Galbraith sends Canon’s team back to the lab.


image by Rob Galbraith

On Thursday Rob Galbraith posted an article analyzing the EOS-1D Mark IV autofocus performance.

In less than one day this article has started up a flame among canon shooters everywhere in the internet.  15 pages (and still counting) are already up in Fred Miranda with mixed feelings about his report.

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New nikon lenses. First thoughts. (UPDATE)


Nikon announced two new lenses for the FX format.

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iPad. Reshaping the market.


Disclaimer of that day:  I haven’t put my hands on an ipad, so these are just my thoughts…..

I was reading the last few days, since apple unveiled its tablet, a lot of controversy in the news in blogs and in different forums about how good or bad  this tablet is.  You can find all sorts of things.

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Painted bullets


© nilo photography

The weekend some friends had set up a paintball game and I was invited to participate. Initially I was planning to be a part of the fighting team but since I had not shoot at all for the last week or so, I decided to assign myself as their official photographer.

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Safari at Kruger National Park.

One of the most exciting trips one can do is to go on a safari in Africa. You don’t have to be a photographer  to appreciate the beauty of nature. The level of interaction you get with the wildlife in their natural habitat  is an experience you’ll never forget.

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shooting in a music stage

_DFX0540 - Version 2

I was looking some  concert photos in a magazine the other day and it reminded me that concert photography is big thing. Ok, maybe not so much here in Greece but overseas can be a very serious business.  Music industry is huge and so it is its impact to the media.

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