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The month of August 2014 started well with the highest population we have not seen since 2010.The population was more than 300. It is because of the quality care, teaching and the services the children get in the centre that made us get this increase in demand for the new admissions. Due to lack of spacious rooms, we had to block more than 50 children out of the centre of which their parents are not happy to date. We hope to have them back.

It is in the same month we received a donation of Kshs From our friends Nicolas and Claudia to aid  in  the running of the school programs.

All these have brought a big smile to the faces of these orphans and vulnerable children and the community at large.

As I speak now, the total population from day care to class four is 350 children, 10 teachers,1 cook and a cleaner, a director and a headteacher. There is therefore an urgent need to employ 2 more teachers, 1 cook, 1 cleaner and 2 security guards. The growth has been very good and fast thus an urgent call to buy rental units or building/ house  to accommodate more than 350  children and more  that we have blocked out since there is still high demand of the new admissions and also  make the school operate in its own environment  too ,have office, store,  kitchen ,toilet/latrine among others.

Our major problem as per now is the issue of The Kenya Rift Valley Railway Line that had given a notice for the buildings near the railway line to move 30m away from the railway line. This calls for an urgent action to look for a new place to allow for the new construction of the railway line to go on as soon as possible. We have therefore been organizing for the fundraising but all in vain since the cash I get go to feeding, purchase school resources/ uniforms and pay rent for the 3 halls that children learn in.

Besides these, I must say that we stand to work hard and see Brainstorm perform its activities to the best standards we can. I am optimistic that one day, Brainstorm will be in its own environment, have spacious classrooms, toilets, play field, office , kitchen and the store too; to allow for and accommodate the largest population we see now and even more .

May I therefore take this opportunity to humbly thank you Anthony Ethan,Nicolas,Claudia and and all who have contributed towards bringing a big smile to these young and vulnerable children and the community here in Brainstorm- Kibera.


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50th Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards.



I have received an email letting me know some great news. 9 of my images (3 in the b&W category and 6 in the portfolio of the year award) have reached the finals of WPOTY,
Co-owned from BBC and Natural History museum, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the longest-running and most prestigious nature photography competition in the world: All the finalists will have to send original and worked files for the final judging.

The challenge


Images will be coming in a slow pace as I will have to start prepare the photos for the upcoming exhibition in Milan on May 24th. Make the right choices, testing, final prints, gallery framing, shipping and all the logistics. And that’s a challenge.

The photo here is another kind of challenge and it is  from our last overwhelming photo safari.

The topi is a medium-sized antelope

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Anthony Ethan Lotsos Day care



At our son first birthday in June we decided to do a party and we invited our friends.

We sent them an invitation with a written note that Anthony Ethan Lotsos wants to invite them at his birthday party and he would like no gifts because he has plenty. But he would really appreciate  if instead of gifts they would give 10 euros each for his friends, the little kids at Brainstorm school in Kibera, so the they can get toys and food and books 

So they did, and we gathered the amount of 360 euros. George Jarona the headmaster and the driving force for all these kids, received this money and distributed them according to the needs of the school as we have agreed. He also sent us the report you see below where he describes everything. All our friends were filled with joy  seeing that they were able to help the kids of the school.

Few days later George informed me that they have a Day care class where all the kids that their parents work can stay eat, play and sleep while waiting for their parents. He told me that they had decided to name the class Anthony Ethan Day care class. We were overwhelmed. I know he is too young to realise what has happened on his behalf but hopefully he will one day be old enough and able to offer a helping hand himself.

Have a look to the latest reports from our school here

Regards from Arusha…


Double award for the tree leopard


My new image “the tree leopard”  has just received a silver award at the 2013 International Loupe awards and it was also awarded as commended at the 2013 TPOTY.  It is currently published in a double page spread with an interview at Photographos magazine 
Taken in our last safari in Kenya.

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