Spider Awards. Reaching for the stars


What a night it was….

Saturday night I was in a G+ hangout with +Emmanuel Coupe +Konstantinos Vasilakis and +Mary Kay  following the Web photo show of the most prestigious black and white awards in photography. The Spider Awards.

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Glory lake

Lake doxa is an artifial lake located in Feneos in Korintnia. It is surrounded by forrest  heavily dense on the north side overlooking Helmos mountain. It is truly an amazing place to be at. These shots were taken during sunrise between 6-9 am in two morning shoot outs. The lake has various spots with great backdrops where you can take advantage of the glorious morning light.

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..then we take Berlin

This is an older post but I worked again with some photos and I added a few more. I was in Berlin few months back for a business trip. Although it was pretty busy I managed to devote some hours to photography. I was fascinated by the architecture and I was mostly shooting buildings looking for forms and shapes. The city’s appearance today is predominantly shaped by the key role it played in Germany’s history in the twentieth century.

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Kibera slum














Thousands of crowded filthy slums, unpaved roads, under the dark of night with no power, scarce food and lack of clean water supply,

inadequate sewage disposal ,unbearable smell of rotten food and human waste.

Young kids running everywhere barefoot with ripped clothes and a huge smile…Welcome to the Kibera slum.

Walking through the muddy roads, I recalled the pictures I saw searching the net for Kibera.

Even that could not prepare me for the shock I felt walking in the heart of the slum.

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Townships. A Dark side in CapeTown’s beauty

Townships throughout South Africa reflect the impact of the racist policies of segregation that have affected the majority of South Africans since the earliest days of colonialism.

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