Testing the new nikon D600

I am back from Mainalos mount in Arcadia Greece, and I am also done testing the new camera which was loaned to me by Nikon for a few days. I really enjoyed being in the mountain. And I really enjoyed the new camera too. I will be uploading the photos and get back to you on the weekend. But from what I have seen so far, the camera produces fantastic files. I would say on par with the d800 albeit the resolution difference which can be apparent only in 100% magnification and in certain areas of an image.  More to come…. 

Nikon AFS 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR in Istanbul.

Istanbul. View from Pera.

Besides the nikon V1 that I had with me in Istanbul, I was also carrying  the nikon d700 with the AFS 28-300 f/3,5-5.6 VR G. So basically it was one camera one lens set up. Pretty simple. The idea was to see how the lens performs in various situations.  From long exposure seascapes to classic street photography. But is it an one lens do it all?

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Nikon V1 in Istanbul

f/8 1/125 iso 100

While in Istanbul, I had the opportunity to shoot with the nikon 1 V1 for a few days. The V1 has a 10mp (2.7x crop),  has a 5 fps frame rate, a very powerful phase detection autofocus system, a built-in EVF (ala DSLR), lots of video features all built into a highly compact body. A very fascinating little camera!

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D800 (and D700) raw samples and first impressions.

Some tests shots with the d800 and a few lenses. D700 was also in the game for some quick comparisons. Fellow photographer and great landscaper Konstantinos Vasilakis and I met in a beach near by my house.  The camera was given to us from phototeam’s (www.phototeam.gr)  train photographer SpirosN who brought the first d800 in Greece.

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Gear sale


Ολα τα προς πώληση προιοντα ειναι απο την προσωπική μου συλλογή :) η οποία έχει μεγαλωσει αρκετα και επειδη τα περισσοτερα δεν χρησιμοποιουνται εδω και πολυ καιρο (και πιάνουν και χώρο στα ντουλάπια) ειπα να τα βγάλω προς πωληση.

Πιθανον να μπουν και μερικα κομματια ακομη. Σε οποιο κομματι δεν υπαρχει φωτο θα μπει αμεσα. 

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