Marmot Halo 4p tent. First impressions.


In our last trip in Pindos mountain our shelter of choice for four nights was the Marmot halo 4p tent. We did not experience any rain (only slight) but we had low temperatures and the last day when the temp dropped at 0 degrees Celsius  we had ice covering everything. The tent is listed as a three season tent but it held its own with no problem whatsoever.

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Review: ThinkTank Airport TakeOff

_DFX6267 - Version 2

Well for start let me just admit that i have an issue with bags.  To be a litlle more specific I ll say that I buy bags quite often.

I could end it here but since I have a list of bags in my profile it’s better to be completely open with you. So, in plain words I think I own more photography bags than my wife does handbags.

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