Help the kids of Kibera. (Donation effort).

This will be the donation blogpost for the kids in Brainstorm Junior scholl in the kibera slum in kenya.

Yesterday George Jarona sent me  the expenses of the immediate needs of the school with a note at the end.

The prices is in Kenya shilling and at the end of each box I have convert this price in euros with a todays rate (see price in red).

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The interview at the orphanage

One of the most touching moments in the Kibera slum was our visit to The Brainstorm Junior school.

When we entered the door the kids were in a circle dancing and singing with their teacher. They stopped and turned their heads towards us. Beautiful eyes were staring us at the very next moment I do not know if it was me being overwhelmed but I am telling you this look from their eyes is so direct, so deep that you feel captured by its magic.

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Kibera slum














Thousands of crowded filthy slums, unpaved roads, under the dark of night with no power, scarce food and lack of clean water supply,

inadequate sewage disposal ,unbearable smell of rotten food and human waste.

Young kids running everywhere barefoot with ripped clothes and a huge smile…Welcome to the Kibera slum.

Walking through the muddy roads, I recalled the pictures I saw searching the net for Kibera.

Even that could not prepare me for the shock I felt walking in the heart of the slum.

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