My Int’l Photography Awards?

Climbing up the stairs, I can barely catch my breath, I can hear my heart beats almost as loud as the clapping of the crowd. sweat dripping down my forehead, Oh …God I can’t even remember if I got my notes, what should I do I can’t remember a thing, what should I say,… my thought went blank. I ran my hands down my pockets I got it….thank god I got it.

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Help the kids of Kibera. (Donation effort).

This will be the donation blogpost for the kids in Brainstorm Junior scholl in the kibera slum in kenya.

Yesterday George Jarona sent me  the expenses of the immediate needs of the school with a note at the end.

The prices is in Kenya shilling and at the end of each box I have convert this price in euros with a todays rate (see price in red).

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The interview at the orphanage

One of the most touching moments in the Kibera slum was our visit to The Brainstorm Junior school.

When we entered the door the kids were in a circle dancing and singing with their teacher. They stopped and turned their heads towards us. Beautiful eyes were staring us at the very next moment I do not know if it was me being overwhelmed but I am telling you this look from their eyes is so direct, so deep that you feel captured by its magic.

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Expose to the right (greek version)


@David Duchemin

The reasoning for this article came from a simple question one guy asked in one forum. He  asked “My camera (nikon) constantly overexposes when i shoot raw. Is there something wrong with my camera?

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Galbraith sends Canon’s team back to the lab.


image by Rob Galbraith

On Thursday Rob Galbraith posted an article analyzing the EOS-1D Mark IV autofocus performance.

In less than one day this article has started up a flame among canon shooters everywhere in the internet.  15 pages (and still counting) are already up in Fred Miranda with mixed feelings about his report.

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