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The month of August 2014 started well with the highest population we have not seen since 2010.The population was more than 300. It is because of the quality care, teaching and the services the children get in the centre that made us get this increase in demand for the new admissions. Due to lack of spacious rooms, we had to block more than 50 children out of the centre of which their parents are not happy to date. We hope to have them back.

It is in the same month we received a donation of Kshs From our friends Nicolas and Claudia to aid  in  the running of the school programs.

All these have brought a big smile to the faces of these orphans and vulnerable children and the community at large.

As I speak now, the total population from day care to class four is 350 children, 10 teachers,1 cook and a cleaner, a director and a headteacher. There is therefore an urgent need to employ 2 more teachers, 1 cook, 1 cleaner and 2 security guards. The growth has been very good and fast thus an urgent call to buy rental units or building/ house  to accommodate more than 350  children and more  that we have blocked out since there is still high demand of the new admissions and also  make the school operate in its own environment  too ,have office, store,  kitchen ,toilet/latrine among others.

Our major problem as per now is the issue of The Kenya Rift Valley Railway Line that had given a notice for the buildings near the railway line to move 30m away from the railway line. This calls for an urgent action to look for a new place to allow for the new construction of the railway line to go on as soon as possible. We have therefore been organizing for the fundraising but all in vain since the cash I get go to feeding, purchase school resources/ uniforms and pay rent for the 3 halls that children learn in.

Besides these, I must say that we stand to work hard and see Brainstorm perform its activities to the best standards we can. I am optimistic that one day, Brainstorm will be in its own environment, have spacious classrooms, toilets, play field, office , kitchen and the store too; to allow for and accommodate the largest population we see now and even more .

May I therefore take this opportunity to humbly thank you Anthony Ethan,Nicolas,Claudia and and all who have contributed towards bringing a big smile to these young and vulnerable children and the community here in Brainstorm- Kibera.


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This photo shows the the director of Brainstorm School,George O. Jarona in a Cyber Café preparing a report to Anthony  Ethan,Nicolas,Claudia and all friends.







These photos shows the Face of the Anthony Ethan day-care and Brainstorm junior school









PREPARED BY                                 : George   O. Jarona

REVIEWED BY                                 : Teachers

EDITED BY                                       : School Management Committee [ S.M.C.]

PERIOD                                             : ONE MONTH


DATE OF SUBMISSION                : 30/08/2014.



The day- care and the Brainstorm school has now received the following through the aid received in the month of August which was Kshs 22,708.15 from our friends   Anthony,Claudia ,Nicolas and the rest to support in the school management and programs.

I was very happy   to receive this cash on 19/08/2014.This brought a smile to the kids, teachers and the community too. Below are the photos showing the items bought:

We hope these will help bring a great smile and a bright face to the children. They now have food to eat thus boosting their health. All these will help improve their health and ease the teaching and learning hence quality performance.



  1. Quality teaching and learning to the 350 children within the centre.
  2. H.I.V/ AIDS Education and the guidance and counseling to the class two, three and four  including all the parents/ guardians.
  3. Developing of the up to date professional records/progressive records, charts, e.t.c by the school management team and the teachers.
  4. Home visits organized by George Jarona to get more on the parents/ guardians views on the school and also teach the parents on the importance of education and proper nutrition.
  5.  Vaccination against polio to the children of under 5 years of age.
  6. Buying of the food as shown on the photos below.


AMOUNT RECEIVED                                    EXPENDITURE

                   Kshs 22,708

I topped it up with kshs 10,242 which I got from the small fundraising from friends here and my painting work that I did from the nearby school and got paid kshs, 6,000/=




Untitled6 Untitled7 




1 bale cooking flour @ 5,000/=—————————5,000/=

50kg sugar  @150/=—————————————-7,500/=

80kg rice @ 140/=——————————————-11,200/=

20 litres Salad @ 200/=————————————-4,000/=

25kg  Green [email protected] 100/=——————————-2,500/=

25kg  porridge flour @ 110/=——————————2750/=



Second    Hall                   Kshs 4,000.

Third Hall                         Kshs 3,500.

TOTAL————–Kshs 12,500.


  1. Receiving a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry Of Education for the good work and the performance within the school after a competition with more than 25 schools and we became number 3.out of 30 schools.
  2. Parent/ Teacher meeting and the teachers meeting organized to discuss the importance of education and the school general performance.


  1. Organizing a fundraising   to get funds to buy food for the children and also plan for the process of rental purchasing to continue with the class five next year.
  2. Receiving new brushes and the tooth   paste from the KYEO. to ease the Brushing of the teeth by all the children every day
  3. Teaching teachers on the current ways of quality care and developing the professional records to give quality teaching and learning within the school.
  4. Painting of a nearby school  by George Jarona.


  1. Teachers meeting to discuss on the importance on progress records/professional records to improve the school performance in the school.
  2. Continuous Assessment Test to the kids  to identify the quality work done to the children by the teachers.
  3. Admitting more day care children and others in different classes too.
  4. Quality Assurance visits to the school to monitor and evaluate the quality of work at the school.
  5. Training of teachers on the use of computers.
  6. Mapping of the schools by the Ministry of education
  7. Lack of a playing ground.




  1. Ongoing reporting to our friends  Anthony, Nicolas,Claudia..
  2. De worming of the 350  children.
  3. Visits by the Ministry Of Education and report writing to their office on the progress.
  4. Proposal writing done by George Jarona.
  5. Free training to the teachers on the child handling and care.
  6. Modification of the school uniforms.
  7. Parent-Teacher meeting to discuss on the school progress and performance.
  8. School teachers interviews


  1. Lack of money to buy a spacious space/land or rental units not only to have more and spacious classes to accommodate the children,but most importantly and urgently  to give room for the Kenya Rift Valley Railway Line to proceed with their construction  since we are also near to the Railway Line thus need to move 30m away from it.
  2. Lack of adequate supply of food to the children.
  3. Inadequate teaching and learning materials e.g books.
  4. Inadequate furniture and the kids plastic chairs or the desks since some still use benches to sit and write on.
  5. Lack of school uniforms by most of the children.
  6. Lack of money to pay the teachers and the non staff members. Lack of a lap top to ease the reporting.


  1. For quality performance/teaching  in the centre, the following should be met :urgent one being a plot to construct a spacious building/ rooms to accommodate more than 500 children, feeding program, provision of teaching and learning materials,  quality supervision, quality management, giving of a token to the teachers and the non-staff members, buying of food and the stationary,buying of the furniture e. g desks, tables, chairs etc and  buying of rental units will help boost the teaching and learning and also make it easier for the performance to be at the top and also make it  more  easier for the feeding of the 300 children or more thus having a feeding centre for the children and also having a quality orphanage to all. In this way, the Brainstorm Junior School and the Day-Care Centre will have the opportunity to accommodate more children  and make them learn with an ease since they are vulnerable and most of them are very bright and can be  the future leaders of this country or Africa at large.

May I George Jarona, take this opportunity to thank our dear friends Anthony, Nicolas and Claudia and all the friends who contributed towards helping Brainstorm children and have brought  a  big smile on  the faces of  these young and innocent children who I always say, they are the future leaders of the world.

Thank you all.

Be blessed.

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