Help arrived in Kibera

We are happy to inform you that your donation arrived at Brainstorm school and orphanage in Kibera in Kenya. George Jarona the teacher and the heart of this school received the donation and send me a couple of photos and the following report. With the small amount we managed to collect (through the selling of few prints) he was able to do the following:

-pay the school’s rent for 2 months

pay teachers and cook so the school can continue feed the kids and spread knowledge.

Buy food and other necessities

Below you will see his report with every detail and with the receipts included. When we started this effort 2 years ago I was trying to coordinate where the money will go , asking receipts for everything etc. But not for long. After a while I left it completely to George. He and the rest of the teachers decide how they will spend the money based on their immediate needs. They have earned my complete trust. I am really happy that I have met George Jarona and I thank him publicly for all the work he is doing for the children and for being such a gentleman.






  • It  all started well with a total of 164 children, five teachers and a cook in the school. children were eager to learn as the teachers truly ready to  teach them the basic areas in education .this has been made possible by the donation of Ksh. 24,595.65 received from Mr. Nikos and Mrs Claudia on behalf of their friends,  on these young Angels. We would like to thank from our hearts all the people that contributed to this donation.
  • The donation brought a great smile and change within the school.

We therefore said with the school management committee (SMC), discussed on how we should spend the money. Here is how the expenditure was



50 kg of Rice

75 kg of Porridge flour

20 lts of cooking oil

1 sack of charcoal


  1. 2.     RENT
  • The school also managed to pay rent for the two months @ 2,000/=, thus making a total of 4,000/=
  1. 3.     TEACHERS TOKEN  ( SALARY  ) + 1 COOK


  • I managed to give a token of Kshs. 400 per teacher and 1 cooker. This motivated them and made them smile in order to work harder in teaching and caring for these angels. These gave a total of KShs. 2,000/=.



  • Lack of good salaries to maintain the teacher.
  • Lack of  specious rooms / classes
  • Lack of balanced diet
  • Lack of school textbooks and desk /tables.



  • P.T.A  meeting
  • Teachers meeting


  1. With the provision of feeding program, quality teaching and proper care, provision of teaching and learning materials and feeding equipments, teaching and learning is well provided to these young and innocent angels.
  2. Our friends Nikos and Claudia  and all the others should  always know that, we love them and we do appreciate the concern they have for us and the support they have been offering with their efforts to bring awareness to the world and to uplift the teaching and learning in Brainstorm.
  3. If together with the food provision, feeding and learning equipment, the teachers could be given small salaries, the performance and the great care of the children can be much higher than it is and it can also make it easier to maintain these hardworking teachers.



v  I George O. Jarona would like to thank you Mr. Nikos, Mrs Claudia, your friends colleagues, family, other photographers, all the people for the concern you have shown to Brainstone Children and the community at large by helping us acquire  these goods which have really made us smile.

v  Thank you for your support. Be blessed! I therefore promise to work tirelessly together with you, the community, teachers and even the children to improve their lives.


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