ATR requires the following information:

 Please check the details and if you would like to go ahead and confirm the trip, the procedure would be as follows :

 Request the booking form for this trip from ATR

1).  Please check this through carefully and, if you are happy, enter your payment details in the section at the end of the form.
 We will also need the following information :

> – PASSPORT name (first and last name only)
> – ages of children (if under 21)
> – rooming requirements
> – any dietary needs (specifically vegan, vegetarian, allergies etc)
> – and medical needs
> – any special requests (eg honeymoon, birthday or anniversary during the trip)
> – passport details, if requested on your itinerary
> – body weight, if requested on your itinerary
> – your full international flight details, including airline, flight number, arrival and departure times
> – a contact telephone number
> – your country of origin for this trip



 You have a few options for paying the deposit…

> – provide your card details which we hold on file as a guarantee and you can then do a bank transfer for the 25% deposit. We have a USD, GBP and Euro account.

> – provide a debit card to take the deposit from which avoids the 2% surcharge.

> – provide a credit card for the deposit for which there is a 2% surcharge.


 Note that the 2% surcharge will be waived if you choose to pay by DEBIT, VISA ELECTRON or UK issued  MAESTRO.

 As we are a UK company, we advise that you check with your card issuer that they will not charge you any sort of ‘foreign transaction service fee’. This can be up to 3% of the transaction value and we can not refund this under any circumstances.

 Your final payment can be made using the same or a different card and also by bank transfer to either USD, GBP and Euro account.



> The easiest way is as an attachment to an email but if you prefer you can phone your card details through to us on :

> International   : + 44 1306 880 770
> UK                      : 0 1306 880 770


> Once we have received your payment details we will start the bookings process and only once every element of the order is confirmed will we take payment.

> If your trip is outside 60 days, we will take a first payment of 25% and issue an interim receipt. We will then contact you 60 days before travel to request your final payment which can be paid by the same card, a different card, or by bank transfer.

> If your trip is within 60 days (or less than $1000 in total) we will take full payment.

> Once full payment has been received, we will send you confirmation paperwork and the contact details in case of any problems that arise when you are in Africa.


> Please note that it is a condition of booking with ATR that you have adequate travel insurance. This should not only cover you for the usual repatriation, loss of luggage, delays and any medical expenses whilst on your trip but must also cover cancellation between the time of booking and the time of travel. We can recommend such a policy, which also covers high altitude trekking and recreational diving, as follows


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