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Today I feel very happy. Finally our efforts and wishes came true, we brought smiles into the faces of the little angels. I want to thank you all for carrying and  supporting the little kids, just seeing them getting their food and school supplies made our day. George was kind enough to send us this letter explaining in details what he bought and some pictures as well.

The letter from George

Hi to you all! With hopes you are all fine.

Here in Brainstorm, we are all Ok, only missing you. Firstly, may i take this opportunity to thank you all who made me get the money which was Kshs 30,368.72. after the transaction procedures.

This was great and for sure it made the children, teachers and the community to have a smile.

I  George Jarona for sure became the happiest to organize and ensure the children get what they needed through the support you gave.

The following are the items i bought:


-Report books  1,000 -Exercise books 1 carton 2,800

-Pencils 2dzn 180 -Paper punch 300

-3 Text books 600 -10 Story books 400

-Files             100 -Erasers    100

-Table  2,000 Chairs 2,000

-Steppler  250

The total spent on all these is 9,730


2 Sufurias and 1 Lid 3000 50 PLASTIC CUPS 1,000

50 Plastic plates  1000 50 Cooking spoons 1,000

2 Water Jerricans 400 Water bucket 200

Charcoal 1 sack  2,000 Plastic basins 400

Amount used on these was 9,120

3. FOOD:

Bundle of porridge flour 2,000 A sack of Rice 4,000

Cooking oil 20 Litres 2,000 A sack of maize 2,500

Sugar 10kg       1,000

Total amount spent on food was 11,500

Together with this is the receipt attached.

The amount used to purchase all these was 30,350

Children were and still are so happy to have the support and i hope  this will make them improve academically and in all human aspects. I therefore promise to work harde to ensure good and quality servises to

this angles and the community at large for i believe they are future leaders. Thank you. Besides, may i also say that i oly managed to purchase these with the cash available but still there is need to have the following:

MOBILET TOILETS,Tables and Chairs for the children, Chalks, Manilla papers, Felt pens,Pencils,Text books,Story and picture books,Rulers,Beans,More Sugar,Cabbages,Fruits,Porridge Flour,Jikos,Sufurias,Serving spoons,Desks,

Teachers’s  and workers’s salaries[wages] AND Clean water.

Braistorm is committed to help bring positive change in Kibera Slum and Kenya as a country.This change is only possible if the young children are catered for since they are future leaders. I promise to work harder and ensure good and quality services are offered to the children.

Yours Faithfully,

George Jarona.

Following are some pictures that George sent us with the goods that he delivered to the kids.

and for the records George has sent me the receipts of the goods he bought.

Thank you all for your help.

Nikos & Claudia

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