Meteora. The color take.


I had to send some photos to TPOTY  competition in the category of “natural elements”. They did not allow photos that had previously won any kind of prize in other international competitions so my black and white images from Meteora had to be excluded. Therefore I decided to work some images of this series in color.

Following are some of the images I worked with. Couple of them together with some more that are not here have been sent to TPOTY ….   I have to be honest I am a bit anxious. Last year in my first entry at the Travel Photographer Of The Year (TPOTY) I was selected at the top-50 finalist for the photographer of the year. I felt it was quite an honor and a big motivation at the same time. TPOTY is one of the top photography competitions in the world. If I can maintain or even top my last year accomplishment that would mean a lot for my work. Soon enough we will know. Hope you like them.









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