Nikon V1 in Istanbul

f/8 1/125 iso 100

While in Istanbul, I had the opportunity to shoot with the nikon 1 V1 for a few days. The V1 has a 10mp (2.7x crop),  has a 5 fps frame rate, a very powerful phase detection autofocus system, a built-in EVF (ala DSLR), lots of video features all built into a highly compact body. A very fascinating little camera!

f/4 1/20 iso 800


Handle overall is good. Relatively easy and in some ways undisturbed. I think it will satisfy the users of compact cameras with the rather simplistic lay out of buttons and menus. Personally I am not totally sold  simply because I do not use compact cameras. I would like to change settings like iso for instance without having to dive into the menus. Unfortunately nikon 1 system is not designed with the dslr users in mind. Does not have many of the customizations that dslrs offer.  Nothing wrong with that as the camera was designed with another target group in mind.

The quality of plastic is generally good with a few exemptions one of which is the wheel/button array at the bottom right back which is rather flimsily and feels cheap.


f/5 1/320 iso 100


Even though I was using the EVF most of the time, the battery life was really good. It can probably last for more than 500 shots per charge.

f/8 1/60 iso 100


The Nikon 1′s autofocus system is very good. Very DSLR-like in speed and tracking ability. In my estimation it is very similar to an entry level dslr and this is unheard for a camera like that. According to most reviewers, there really isn’t anything that matches the Nikon 1′s focusing in the mirorless cameras world.


f/11 1/100 iso 140


Quite accurate. But with a tendency to burn the highlights a bit easier than I am used at.  That is probably due to the narrower dynamic range so a bit of care is sometimes necessary.

f/5.6 1/640 iso 100

Image quality

Quite good to very good. Not a dslr but better than compact. Color is quite accurate, jpegs looks contrasty but not over saturated and the raw files have decent elasticity to accept abuse in post processing. Overall quite happy.

f/8 1/250 iso 100


Handling of noise is not the strongest point of this camera. i have no problem going to 400 iso and occasionally to 800. Anything more and the noise starts being recognizable. In an 800 pixels web presentation like this one, this will not present a problem but if you think to print large then you should be careful. The good thing that Nikon’s quality of noise is rather good (no color noise) like a reminiscent of the film days.

f/8 1/15 iso 1800

 In Istanbul I had only the 10-30mm which is a bit short for my way of shooting. Overall the lens was very decent but not at the same level of a dslr lens (24-120 0r 28-300 to name a few).

f/10 1/250 iso 100

I was very happy with the results I got from the V1. I would not hesitate to have it with me as my street camera of choice on my next trip. If so then I would bring the 30-110 mm lens with me as well.

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