Serengeti. Following the Migration (part four)

During the day we noticed that the big migratory herds have moved from the area we saw them yesterday and they had mostly disappear. Before that and during the morning drive, we spotted two female lionesses with their cubs moving through the mush playing with us hide and seek behind the tall grass.

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Serengeti. Meeting the Great Migration. (part three)

Andbeyond had appointed us a guide driver, Cyst,  that happened to be a passionate photographer himself (and a very good one) which made our quest even easier.

So it was 4pm when we started our first drive to the endless (serengeti) plains. Half ah hour drive away from the camp and, voila! Wildebeasts are everywhere left and right, around you and as far as the eye can see.  We were in the middle of the great migration. What a sight! What i was dreaming to see so many years it was finally taking place in front of my eyes. We were overwhelmed with joy.

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At the Serengeti plains (part two)

It took us three planes from Zanzibar to finally land to the ndutu airstrip. From there our lodge was less than half an hour drive. Like all lodges of andbeyond that i have been at, the serengeti under canvas (suc) was love at first sight. Most of the camps we have stayed are unfenced meaning that there is no restrictions to the movement of the animals even within the lodge’s territory (picture above shown main tent for breakfast/ lunch).That was the case with suc but with only a “small” difference.

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2nd donation arrived at Kibera

The second donation effort that took place during Christmas brought some more smiles to the little angels of our beloved school.  We are under difficult times in Greece but the truth of the matter is that these kids (like so many others) live in beyond poverty level. Some close fiends help us and we sent a small donation to the school right before New Years. A week ago I was happy to receive an email from George Jarona with the stuff they bought together with some photos. Meet  Phabian Ouma, Fidel Otieno, Sean Chuchu and Sarah Akoth.

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Out of Africa…













Whenever you have 10 min free and you want to fly your mind through photos and music to the  majestic wilderness of Masai mara and to the shocking slum of Kibera,  have a look at a slideshow from out trip to Kenya . You have to see it with the sound turned on so make sure you boss is not around. :)

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