Big dreams, small excuses


Ζάμπια. Επτά χρόνια πριν. Η αρχή.    Zambia. Seven years ago. The beginning .

Since I was a little kid my dream was to go to Africa, my favorite childhood hero was Tarzan and my favorite series was Tarzan with Johnny Weissmuller.

It took me almost thirty years to make my dream come true. Today I believe that this was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve done in my life. I never really chased my dreams, I just let the years go by. 

I had never realized it because I always had a very good excuse to stop me from chasing my dreams.

One time it was too much work, another time it was how to organize such a trip, other time I didn’t have someone to join me, and almost all the time money was the main obstacle and my sure real life excuse. “How can I afford such a trip!” I was thinking. I had convinced my self that the cost was way too much. I had convinced my self that my dreams cost too much.

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New releases and prints at discount

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