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“Photographos” Magazine is out with one of my Masai photos at the cover and a big story inside:)

I was very happy today when I picked up “Photographos” magazine. I have the cover photo and an amazing 18 (yes eighteen) pages spread with a huge interview and lots of my images. It’s all about Africa and I got to tell you that the stuff in the magazine did a great job. From the quality of the photos and the interview to the beautiful lay out they did. Those of you who speak Greek you should check it out and let me know what do you think :)

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The interview at the orphanage

One of the most touching moments in the Kibera slum was our visit to The Brainstorm Junior school.

When we entered the door the kids were in a circle dancing and singing with their teacher. They stopped and turned their heads towards us. Beautiful eyes were staring us at the very next moment I do not know if it was me being overwhelmed but I am telling you this look from their eyes is so direct, so deep that you feel captured by its magic.

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