The official announcement

The big cats, the Masai and the angels of Kibera

A wildlife, cultural and humanitarian photography trip

Trip photographer and safari leader : Nicolas Lotsos

( 2 spots available)

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We are extremely happy to announce that we have booked an incredible package with outstanding quality in accommodation at an unbeatable price.

Overview of the trip

May 31 – June 9, 2013


Spider awards winner – Photographer of the year Nicolas Lotsos  will lead a small group of photographers to the most renowned wildlife paradise on earth, the Masai Mara in Kenya.

This safari combines unmatched opportunities for stunning wildlife photography with accommodation of the highest standards in two of the best lodges in all the Masai Mara reserve.

We have specifically chosen two areas (Naboisho conservancy and Mara confluence)   that have the highest density in wildlife combining night and walking safaris with off-road driving as well as great river sightings. This is truly two of the best locations with two of the best lodges in Mara offering outstanding possibilities to view and photograph some of the best wildlife in the world.

But it is not all about wildlife. As in all our trips in Africa, this trip is also built on a triple axis, wildlife, cultural and humanitarian photography. A combination that is never offered in any photography safari workshop.  We will visit villages to photograph the indigenous culture of the Masai people and we will donate goods to schools and orphanages while trying to photograph the hope of life in the astonishing slums of Kibera. 

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African photo safari announced.

Photo Safari Tour & Workshop.

Two months in the making, finally it is here. Having done safaris for years, this is undoubtfully one of the best humanitarian, cultural and wildlife photo tours that I could design for my self. And this is exactly what I did. I chose the where and when, the lodges, the guiding teams, everything so I can be sure it will be special. When I finished it I asked for 10 more spaces for you to join me. They gave them to  me….so here it is  

Location: Masai Mara, Kenya

Dates: May 31 – June 9, 2013

Available spaces :10

Details and full itinerary on March 23rd.


2nd donation arrived at Kibera

The second donation effort that took place during Christmas brought some more smiles to the little angels of our beloved school.  We are under difficult times in Greece but the truth of the matter is that these kids (like so many others) live in beyond poverty level. Some close fiends help us and we sent a small donation to the school right before New Years. A week ago I was happy to receive an email from George Jarona with the stuff they bought together with some photos. Meet  Phabian Ouma, Fidel Otieno, Sean Chuchu and Sarah Akoth.

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Kibera slum














Thousands of crowded filthy slums, unpaved roads, under the dark of night with no power, scarce food and lack of clean water supply,

inadequate sewage disposal ,unbearable smell of rotten food and human waste.

Young kids running everywhere barefoot with ripped clothes and a huge smile…Welcome to the Kibera slum.

Walking through the muddy roads, I recalled the pictures I saw searching the net for Kibera.

Even that could not prepare me for the shock I felt walking in the heart of the slum.

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Hallo mother Africa….

Screen shot 2010-06-01 at 3.23.07 AM

I am so excited, you can not imagine. Tomorrow I fly back to Africa.

It has been already two and a half years after my last trip to motherland.  Too long for those who know me. But tomorrow I ll be back.

We had a week to go somewhere. And whenever an opportunity like this comes we always ask each other. Can we go to Africa?

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