Report from our school in Kibera


We are happy to be informed that a small help we sent at our beloved school in Kibera, Kenya has been well received and the children are happy. Following is the letter – report I received from the guardian angel of the kids, the remarkable gentelman George Jarona. A big thanks to all the teachers for their great efforts to educate the kids, the future leaders of Africa as George says. And a big thanks and appreciation to George Jarona whose professionalism and attention has made all these possible. 

Our love and kisses goes to the angels of Kibera. We miss you all!

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The interview at the orphanage

One of the most touching moments in the Kibera slum was our visit to The Brainstorm Junior school.

When we entered the door the kids were in a circle dancing and singing with their teacher. They stopped and turned their heads towards us. Beautiful eyes were staring us at the very next moment I do not know if it was me being overwhelmed but I am telling you this look from their eyes is so direct, so deep that you feel captured by its magic.

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