The challenge


Images will be coming in a slow pace as I will have to start prepare the photos for the upcoming exhibition in Milan on May 24th. Make the right choices, testing, final prints, gallery framing, shipping and all the logistics. And that’s a challenge.

The photo here is another kind of challenge and it is  from our last overwhelming photo safari.

The topi is a medium-sized antelope

with a striking reddish-brown to purplish-red coat that is glossy, even iridescent in bright sunlight. Each male has his “stomping ground,” a patch of trampled bare earth upon which he stands. He defines his territory by depositing dung in a series of places, marking grass stems with his scent from the preorbital face glands and standing for long periods on a prominent place, where he can easily be seen by other topis. If another male intrudes upon his territory, the two go down on their knees and fight with their horns and pushing each other.

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