The interview at the orphanage

One of the most touching moments in the Kibera slum was our visit to The Brainstorm Junior school.

When we entered the door the kids were in a circle dancing and singing with their teacher. They stopped and turned their heads towards us. Beautiful eyes were staring us at the very next moment I do not know if it was me being overwhelmed but I am telling you this look from their eyes is so direct, so deep that you feel captured by its magic.

We were welcomed by the man who single handedly runs this project, the guardian angel of these kids George Jarona. We sat down and talked with George about the situation in the slum, the dreadful living conditions, the lack of all basic needs of the school, the every day life of the kids.

I promised to George that when I return home I will try though the blog to create a channel of hope for these angels. Even the smallest, for our standards, provision of help  could be a great contribution to the improvement of the  life of those kids.

I decided to give George the stage to tell us about the school its needs andhow can anybody offer a helping hand.

George was happy to answer our questions.

Q: So George, if you can describe Kibera in a few words what would you say?

Kibera is the largest slum in Sub-Sahara Region with a population of 700,000 people of different ethnic communities in the country.

In that density populated area, 97 percent of the residents are serving below a dollar in a day. This is because of its population that is why the government could not provide the necessities.

Q: What is the Brainstrom junior school?

Brainstorm Junior School is an Early Childhood Education Center which was started on 2nd of November 2009 within Kibera slum with an aim of providing quality education and also cater for the welfare of the orphans,vulnerable,.the malnourished  and the H.I.V affected and infected children. The Early Childhood Education is based on the Government policy and Child Centered Approach System that suits all children.

Q: how many kids you care for in your school?

At the moment, the center has 65 children, but the target is 150 pupils and above if I can get a well-wisher/donor to support brings up bright and future leaders.

.Q: is it free?

Yes. We are volunteers who have great concern to provide quality education to the innocent angels in Kibera slum.

.Q: Has anyone helped?

Not at all. It is me who has been struggling to organize on how to make children acquire their needs e.g. I organized for a road walk to get money to sustain them by 20-11-2009.

.Q: what are the most necessities  you need right now in your organization?

The most things we need are:

Stationeries i.e. teaching and learning materials to make children learn better.

Food. The school is in need of food since it lacks steady food feeding programme.With steady food supply, there will be an increanment on the population and quality leaning and teaching within the center.

School uniform for the children for uniformity reasons and easy identification.

Toilets for the children for there are none in the center and we use the public one which is far away from the center and we pay monthly.

Cooking utensils for we lack 4 sufurias, plates and cups.

School children’s tables and chairs for most of them now use benches to sit and write on.

Teachers and workers salaries to help maintain the standard in the future.

Q: Do you have any plans for the future?

Brainstorm Junior School has a plan to get a spacious land to build classrooms that can accommodate the increasing number of the needy children in the slum in order to meet its missin, vision and the objectives qualitatively.

Q: What about the government plan to upgrade Kibera? will it help your organization?

The governments plan to upgrade the slum will help our center to some extent by providing the area with clean water,electricity,good roads and it can also recognize the institution by monitoring how they are being managed.

I am ending this small interview with a note that George asked me to include. He wants everybody to know that they will monitor, evaluate and report through this blog or to any other individual or institution the results of any possible provision of help.

This post will have regular updates with the news and hopefully the efforts of help. A paypal donation link will be soon added to my blog. Any amount that will be gathered based on a plan that will be presented in the upcoming post will be transferred to the Brainstorm school account. The wire transfer receipts will be available to everybody and the results will be presented in a special post as soon as they are achieved.

To be continued…..

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