The Masai Portraits. Part II


Portraits of the Masai. Part II 

On this trip we will visit remote Masai villages,spend time with them, experience their way of living and attempt a second shooting to record once more a collective portrait of the Masai inhabitants.

There are approximately two more weeks to finalize bookings so hurry up!


The Masai typology is an open-ended project that started on my last trip to Tanzania .

Inspired by the work of August Sander (“the people of 20th century”) as well as the work of Walker Evans (FSA-Great depression), the project is a typological approach targeted to record a collective portrait of the Masai inhabitants of Africa.


Typology is the study of types, and a photographic typology is a suite of images or related forms, shot in a consistent, repetitive manner; to be fully understood, the images must be viewed as a complete series. See my first series at


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